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Dubai Horse Racing

Horse Racing

There are many things to do in Dubai and horse racing is one such event. Being the richest horse racing ground in the entire world, Dubai horse racing is a popular event all over and almost every tourist to the country knows about it. That is the reason why people normally plan their trips to […]

Dubai Camel Racing

Dubai Camel Racing

Of all the things to do in Dubai, indeed camel racing is something that you would not have experienced anywhere else. The financial support to Dubai camel racing comes from the former UAE president. He supports the camel caretakers and thus the annual camel race is a big boost here. The main season of camel […]


Dubai Formula-1

When it comes to things to do in Dubai, there is no dearth of opportunities and one can easily see Dubai Formula- 1 as one of the most renowned and prestigious race track all over the world. The way Formula-1 race is getting popular in Dubai, the day is not far off when officially the […]