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Dubai Hotel Apartments

Dubai Hotel Apartments

Dubai hotel apartments are one of the major attractions of Dubai hotel deals.  As the name suggests, an apartment hotel is a serviced apartment that is used in a hotel like system.  It is similar to renting an apartment for short stay but with no formal contracts like a hotel and occupants can ‘check-out’ whenever […]

Dubai Spa hotels

Dubai Spa Hotels

Summer is the best time to indulge in a water break.  The term spa, as the name suggests, is associated with water treatment but now-a-days spas are being used as an ultimate mode of relaxation to restore balance to body, mind and spirit.  Dubai spa hotels are a complete blend of luxury and grandeur thus […]

Luxury holiday Dubai

Dubai Luxury Holiday

Dubai luxury holiday is a great blend of Arabian hospitality and opulence of contemporary world.  As Dubai travel is booming in all aspects today, there is a vast range of luxuries being offered with varied attractions and excitements.  Holiday is distinguished with world-class service and ambience. Dubai has become one of the most vivacious places […]

Dubai All Inclusive Packages

All Inclusive Packages

Now-a-days with more and more people going on holidays to different countries, all inclusive packages have become a way of life where the upfront is paid before the journey, then traveler need not worry about the minute details of holiday as that is done by the package provider. Dubai all inclusive packages are one of […]

Dubai Holiday

Dubai Holidays

Dubai, one of the most vibrant cities of world, is anyone’s dream for a holiday.  No wonder Dubai is turning out to be a major holiday destination of late.  One can see most of the airlines and hotels offering discounts as Dubai holidays are becoming a major attraction among all ages and classes.  Dubai is […]