Oasis Center Dubai

Oasis Center Dubai

Dubai, a city of fascinating contrast at the heart of the desert kingdom of the United Arab Emirates. From the ultra fashionable hotels that line the up market private beaches of Jumeirah to the intricate and meandering streets of the souks. This is a city that is firmly rooted in the traditions and culture of ancient Arabia, while taking great strides into the world of modern convenience and technology. Dubai has become one of the world’s centers for trade, industry and commerce, and everything that is available around the world can be found in this cosmopolitan city.

Shopping has become one of the most popular reasons that people visit Dubai. It has a unique perspective on encouraging both visitors and merchants alike. The lure of a tax free zone has brought many of the big name businesses here, and the shoppers have followed them in their thousands. It is not unusual to find hundreds of people flocking from neighboring countries in the Emirates just to avail themselves of the great prices that all shops in Dubai offer. Shopping is a thoroughly modern and convenient pastime here and if you are looking for a real mall experience then you should head off to the Oasis Center Dubai, for some truly amazing sights and some fabulous shopping bargains.

Unique in its design and mission, the Oasis Center Dubai, has sought to create a lifestyle experience that encompasses everything and anything that you might need or desire. Owned by Landmark, the concept was to create a series of interlinking centers that each has their own theme for the convenience of the shoppers. The largest concept center is called ‘Centrepoint’ and is the hub of all activity and excitement in the mall. This hub contains Splash, which is the largest footwear retailer in the Middle East, The Lifestyle and Beauty Bay, containing thousands of unique bargain beauty products from across the world. Why not grab yourself some of the amazing electronic goods at a fraction of the price you’d normally pay by visiting E-max, which is the largest electronic goods store in the Emirates.

Oasis Center Dubai also has other linking concept hubs, from Fun City and Spaces to the Gourmet station, where you can find delectable cuisine and different culinary experiences. Try out the huge stores that house Nike Lifestyle and Sun and Sand Sports. There is even the newly built First Fitness center that is for the use of women. From Bookstores, to bargain basement bonanzas, you can find anything and everything laid out for your convenience. Spread across four massive levels the Oasis center is well laid out and caters to every taste. From the international brands and exclusive stores to traditional Arabian shops selling fine jewelry and Persian rugs. The product variety is enormous, and when you need a break then the super efficient and dynamic Food Court will tempt your taste buds with the wide variety and choice. From fine dining, to sidewalk cafes and take away kiosks. You can sit down to a banquet or simply grab something while you’re on the go.

The Oasis Center Dubai is located close to the heart of Dubai and is easily reachable by taxi from most of the big hotels.