Dubai Jewellery Shopping

Jewellery Dubai

Dubai is famous for its exquisite jewellery shopping possibilities. This shiny Middle Easter city has become one of the world’s most important business cities and it is working very hard to be the Nr.1 attraction all around the world. Dubai is a beautiful and complex city, the melting pot of several cultures and it is historically a merchant land, where the Arabian dhows were carrying goods back and forth from all around the world. These years, Dubai tries its best to gain a leading role in the Middle Eastern and international diamond and jewellery trading business. There is no famous jewellery brand, which you would not find in Dubai, and the shopping malls are packed with dozens of different Dubai jewellery and luxury watches stores.

Downtown Dubai is always full of tourists, locals and expats going to or from work, going to shopping or exploring the city. If you arrive in Dubai with the will to buy some of the most beautiful jewellery in the world, then you are in the right place. Dubai jewellery, may it be local or made by an international jewellery brand, is surely of the best affordable quality. Dubai being a tax–free land does its best to use this as a pulling force for tourists, to make them come shopping in Dubai. The Dubai jewellery trading laws do not let any international jewellery business to set up their branch stores just like that in the city though. Each business needs a local representative, a partner who is responsible for the Dubai trading. That is why, in Dubai, you can find so many international brands sold by the Dubai jewelleries, who act as retailers and representatives for many brands. In some cases, when the prestige of the brand requires so, they set up their single-brand stores all the same. The biggest Dubai jewellery brand is the Damas Jewellery, is trading with about 20 different own and international jewellery brands, not to mention the other 20 watches brands and has stores in every important shopping malls of Dubai. Apart from Damas, there are lots of brands which deal with the international jewellery as well. Variety and diversity of goods is one of the most important factors of retail business. Other brands such as Bin Hendi, Ahmed Seddiqi has specialised themselves on luxury watch brands. There are growing Dubai businesses, such as the Rivoli Group, which owns already a high number of stores, each one of them selling luxury goods, accessories, international and Dubai jewellery and watches.

Dubai shopping malls are full of jewellery stores, especially the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall of the world, where not only will you find about 50 different international jewellery stores, apart from this, the largest covered Gold Souk is also located here within this enormous shopping mall, in the heart of downtown Dubai. The Dubai shopping malls are all putting high importance on selling Dubai jewellery and luxury brands because it is what most tourists are looking for and they are also the shopping places of several rich Dubai locals in the same time.
Dubai gold shopping possibilities are therefore great, you will get all the certificates you need in order to make sure, that your jewellery is of the best quality materials. Dubai jewellery brands are starting to open their stores in Europe as well, in order to gain more international circle of costumers for themselves. Dubai is the best city for shopping, all you need to worry is, that you still save up for spending for other great goods too.