Dubai Gold Shopping

Dubai Gold

Dubai gold shopping is something, which signifies Dubai daily business life the best. The number of all sorts of gold jewelleries is just countless, which makes gold shopping here a real experience. Therefore, tourist will not want to see some of the best places in Dubai where you can get to see some of the best quality gold in the world in forms of the most beautiful jewellery designs.

Dubai gold shopping has become a tourist attraction indeed. The best gold shopping place of the town is undisputedly the Gold Souk, which is among the biggest and most notable Gold marketplaces in the world, coming right after Turkey, which is also one of the main gold exporters of Dubai, together with China and India of course. The Gold Souk is located in the old town quarter of Dubai called Deira. Therefore, the Gold Souk is also mentioned at many places as Deira Souk or Deira Gold Souk. Deira is right by the mouth of Dubai Creek and from the North it is bordered by the Persian Gulf, which means a strategically important place. The Gold Souk is a great web of small streets where you can walk for several minutes looking at the fantastic offers of over three hundred different gold sellers and gold or diamond jewelleries. Do not think that the Gold Souk is just a bazaar place. Here, you can find the very best Dubai brands, those that have luxury stores in the best hotels and Dubai shopping malls. Everyone is represented in this gold district and you are highly likely to spend long hours here, not being able to get away from this great gold shopping site. After visiting the Gold Souk, we take you to another place, which is also alone standing by its own measures.

It’s the largest covered Gold Souk, perhaps the only one of its kind and its quality standards. It’s the Gold Souk of the Dubai Mall, featuring the offers of about 50 stores, which taking the fact that its in a shopping mall counts indeed big. Of course the Gold Souk is not the only place to by the best quality jewellery within the Dubai Mall, as the world’s biggest shopping mall is packed with the best international top jewellery stores too, which you can easily find once being in the shopping mall. There are very few, almost no best international jewellery brands in Dubai that you would not be able to visit while looking around there.

Finally yet importantly, we must say a few words on the great chance for gold shopping which this place gives. This place is called the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park and although it had been built almost 8 years ago, its flourishing period lasts from 2006 when they have finished the modernising and enlarging the whole complex. The Dubai Gold and Diamond Park’s concept is simple yet great. The Emaar properties has thought out such great strategy, not only to sell simple shop places to the renters but also to include workshop places for the jewellery making and an office as well. They are selling these packages for the potential renters with sound success. Today there are more than fifty local and international brands housed in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. In the Visitors’ Centre of the park, you can get to see the several shops of renters that give you great chances for gold shopping. Here you can buy gold for a great price.

As you see, there are plenty of gold shopping chances in Dubai, just everywhere. You will see how easy gold shopping becomes once you are in the city at any of the great quality Dubai gold jewellery shops.