Dubai Furniture Shopping


Dubai furniture is more than available in this huge city, yet Dubai furniture tends to be expensive and sometimes it does not suit the purse of many. In this article, we would like to represent you with some useful ideas, when it comes to the shopping of inexpensive Dubai furniture.

Dubai is a city that is growing permanently in the last twenty years. Thousands of flats are getting build, not to mention the houses, the residences or the villas, all waiting for their future owners. Yet, let us facet he truth, not everyone who goes to Dubai can afford to furnish a flat, or neither a room. Some basic furniture is necessary though even if you would like to wait with your spending. Dubai furniture shopping is easy if you go where you should go to find the best deals for you. If you like familiarity and you have vast experience with the IKEA furniture, then you can visit Dubai’s own IKEA located in the Dubai Festival City. Here, you will face no surprises, as the collection of IKEA is the same everywhere. A table, a chair and a bed would not cost too much for you, for the start. In case you feel that you would need slightly more as basic Dubai furniture but you can’t afford spending lots of money on them, then you should check out a couple of good deals:

First, you must search through the hypermarkets’ classified sections right at place. Each super or hypermarkets such as the Spinneys or Lulu’s have a great classifieds’ section and there, you can find some great deals on selling Dubai furniture. Sometimes expats who leave the country decide to sell everything just for a fragment of the original price. If you are lucky, you can find such a great deal and can get great furniture without the actual shopping process. Although Karama district of Dubai is not how it used to be, when we talk about the prices, this Indian district has a vast number of deals for all sorts of Dubai furniture. Shopping here is not easy because you have to negotiate. First look around in some mid-category stores such as the Home Center or Homes R Us, which are pretty popular and sell a wide range of different furniture. Also, these stores are selling Dubai furniture which means that during the shopping festivals, they would give some great discounts as well.

Dubai‘s Zabeel Park can also help you to get some great yet cheap pieces of Dubai furniture or accessories. Zabeel Park in the downtown of Dubai holds the biggest flea market of Dubai, which although it’s not really mentioned in the Baedekers it’s a pretty popular place for both locals and expats for shopping or just for looking around. And last but not least, for the shopping of furniture for a good price, you can look around on the internet and in the classifieds section of local or district newspapers. Finally yet importantly, even the mediocre quality furniture stores have pretty elegant and nice collections so during discount periods you can find some great deals at them.